Annual Contract Cleaning Services

Our CITIZEN BUILDING CLEANING SERVICES L.L.C team provides you a satisfactory cleaning service to each of our valid customers.We will care your property with a great care and clean from each corner to corner. We strictly monitor our service , to satisfy your needs. We also provide full service in villa and apartment . as well as you can able to select our professional service according to your needs. Have sufficient cleaners for your building cleaning needs. We can field enough and experienced staff to clean a wide range of structures in the whole of Dubai – from the smallest villa to the most huge buildings. Our experience in cleaning hotels, restaurants, commercial and residential buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, and many other types of structures is so rich that we know your expectations and we’re sure we can meet them all. Pretty Cleaning guarantees that you will be able to save on money and time by availing any or all of our services. Cleaning of the building can be done regularly or it can be done as one-off cleaning or one-time cleaning – whichever suits your needs. You can select from among the services that we offer and ask for our cleaners. We have a great team of cleaners for your buildings and windows. CITIZEN BUILDING CLEANING SERVICES L.L.C can provide all the cleaning equipment and materials, or you may opt to supply them all.