Bed Bugs Pest Control Dubai

Bed bugs have become very common in some parts of the Dubai, UAE. These are bugs that can get on warm-blooded creatures and can easily get stuck in fabric. They consume the blood of people who are sleeping as well. These pests are especially harmful for anyone to deal with. However, to deal with these problems we are here to assist you in any manner we can. We as a pest control firm is working in this domain since years and has delivered good services for bed bugs pest control, Dubai.

Citizen Group ensures that our team professionals will definitely help you in removing these bed bugs from your home, so that you can live in a hygienic environment. We can handle the freezing of bugs which include the nests and eggs of these bugs. This can be used to kill off these things and therefore prevent bed bugs from getting around.

Insects, with the exception of cockroaches, aren’t that hard to get rid of as long as you stick to a particular program that’s usually comprised of elimination, cleaning and prevention.

Our process includes the following steps for bed bugs pest control Dubai;


This is pretty self-explanatory. In this phase we generally concentrate on kill bed bugs by any means possible. For this, we use a combination of attack methods such as traps, sprays, deterrents and more if you have a large problem. If you only have a couple that showed up on a small piece of furniture, we can often be successful with a spray combined with a deterrent product like Bed Defense to keep them away.


Our cleaning method utilizes the clothes dryer, a bed bugs worst enemy. Here we strip off all your bedding, couch cushion covers, and anything that’s small enough to fit into your washer and dryer. Under furniture is a great place to put bed bug deterrents and at the bottom of bed/table legs is the perfect place for traps. So for this you can always trust us as a bed bugs pest control service provider in Dubai.


To prevent future outbreaks, we use deterrent products that go along with a weekly cleaning regimen. We use to place these deterrents under furniture and between your mattress and box spring. We use all-natural products which are the best options because we don’t want anything harmful around your children or pets.

Overall, bed bugs can be difficult for anyone to handle. But with us you can keep these bugs from being too bothersome in your home. Citizen Groups assure that our professionals will definitely help you in getting rid of these bed bugs in a very short span of time.

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