Electrical Maintenance

Passing few years Citizen’s have established ourselves as a good brand in Repairing the electrical, Lights work and transformers as well as providing repairs and maintenance of building breakdown area.

Our professional team members are dealing all kind of down fall in the Building, Generators, Small shutdown in the buildings, Lights changing, Short-circuits and all electrical problems.


Plumbing Maintenance

Citizen’s Technical Services servicing specializing in commercial and domestic plumbing maintenance. We offer a professional and prompt service for all our clients on time.

All our plumbers are highly experienced; our professional plumbers deliver fast, dependable plumbing services and will arrive at your place promptly and leave it clean and tidy when they leave.

► Repair and/or replacement of mechanical & electrical equipment including distribution boards, circuit boards, circuit breakers, ELCB’s, light fittings, control panels, switches and water-heaters

►Repair of water pumps, which can be done on site

► Repairing of external leaks in pipes

► Cleaning of tanks once a year

► Repair and replacement of sanitary-ware fittings and attention to drainage problems

Mechanical Maintenance

Maintenance Services is fully licensed and insured to give you the confidence that qualified personnel are handling your job; Our Company offers a comprehensive, single source solution to professionals who oversee commercial, retail, industrial and apartment property, by offering an integrated package of services to meet your core requirements. Our Maintenance Service includes: Secure all doors and turn off appropriate lights upon completion of work Troubleshoots minor maintenance problems involving electrical, structural, plumbing, and equipment repair or replacement Performs preventive building maintenance duties, caulks windows and doors, repairs and replaces broken windows Performs routine plumbing repairs such as unstopping toilets, sinks or urinals, fixing water leaks, leaking faucets, and water fountains Performs routine electrical repairs such as changing light bulbs or fluorescent lamps and assists in repairing ballast and light fixtures Purchases supplies, equipment, and materials necessary to complete projects Assembles and moves furniture, hangs pictures and bulletin boards, makes name plates, moves and sets up tables and chairs Repairs and replaces door knobs or locks, repairs door closures, patches holes in walls Paints interior and exterior walls and many more…