Hospitals & Clinics Cleaning Services

Offering an expert cleaning service for Hospitals and Clinics At Citizen Cleaning Services L.L.C, we lead the way in infection control by providing cleaning solutions which offer a safe environment for patients, relatives and staff. Due to recent events involving modern ‘super bugs’, in particular MRSA, bacteria irradiation is a priority for health organisations throughout the world. We can support you by developing strategies which assist in the removal of this troublesome, recurring problem. Key steps taken by Citizen Cleaning Services which ensure we achieve this include: Providing the correct cleaning equipment. A comprehensive cleaning regime including: Daily Cleaning Schedules Strategic Clinical Cleanse Scheduled Wall Washing Ward Deep Clean Programmes HVAC Decontamination Breakout Control Strategies Key services that we provide to the hospital and clinic industry include: Daily Cleaning Washroom Deep Cleans Carpet Cleaning Specialist Floor Treatments Supply of Consumables HVAC Decontamination Supply of Chemicals Supply of Equipment Window Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Wall Washing Clinical Cleanse