Hotels Security

Citizen Security Services has excelled in the provision of security services to all industry sectors. Citizen Security’s guarding division covers a diverse range of security services: hotel security, static and patrol guarding. Citizen Security Services is now a ISO 9001:2008 certified company. All security officers are DPS trained and have successfully passed a criminality check and had various personal details independently verified by a government agency. Site survey Each new contract presents Assist with a new set of challenges. To be successful in these challenges, Citizen Security carries out a site-specific survey. The purpose of this survey is to identify existing standards of service and to establish high-priority areas for security in terms of high-visibility patrolling, areas of concern, as well as the following: Level of cover required/hours and manning levels Frequency of patrolling & static positions Specific requirements (for example, regular duties to be performed) Level of contract management required Property layout, floor maps, our area of responsibility Any areas requiring special attention Health & safety issues Training issues Frequency of management visits, scheduled and unscheduled Security Measures for Hotels The hotel and hospitality industry is based on service delivery, and with good service comes good security. The guest’s security is integral to the hotels success, as poor security can expose guests to a plethora of risks and compromise the reputation of the hotel. Security is an essential investment for the success of a hotel, however large or small it is, the guest’s peace of mind is central to whether or not they will return to stay again. There are particular risks that are pervasive in hotels, one of which is unauthorised visitors. Any detection of unauthorised or suspicious visitors should be communicated immediately to patrolling security staff, who are fully trained to deal with the situation in a safe and professional way, causing minimal disruption. Other key security measures include key/door security and control, adequate staff identification measures, front desk security, corridor patrolling and CCTV and camera control. CCTV Objectives In appointing Citizen Security you will have the services and resources of London’s leading provider of hotel security services. Citizen Security Services has the organisation to successfully manage the contract, as well as the industry knowledge to develop it further. Citizen Security Services ‘s main objectives when dealing with it’s clients large or small are to: Have a partnership approach towards your security requirements Be a committed, empowered and proactive management team Have a flexible approach to the contract in order to cope with requirement changes Give reassurance of ongoing contract management and monitoring Provide well paid, well-managed, motivated and suitably trained staff Commit to uphold the reputation and image of the client in all activities Provide value for money Maintain a consistently high standard of service Be aware of all legislative issues Comply with the security industry authority approved contractor scheme Adhere to the client’s policies and procedures