Toilet Hygiene Supplies And Services

Toilet Hygiene, Sanitizing & Cleaning Employees and customers alike can find water droplets on toilet seats and surfaces particularly off-putting. These often occur following the flushing of toilets when droplets spray up from the bowl. These can carry bacteria such as E coli. Our experienced washroom cleaning teams are trained in minimizing the undesirable effect and risks associated with the contamination of surfaces in toilet cubicles. Our toilet cleaning services and sanitation products are purposely designed to help deal with this. Citizen can provide and install Safe seat sanitizing dispensers and chemicals which are effective against harmful bacteria. Of all cubicle areas the toilet seat is usually the most likely to harbor bacteria. This product helps the individual feel more confident in using your facilities by allowing them to sanitize the seat prior to use with an ultra-quick drying chemical. It is housed in a stylish, discreet fixture which is usually fitted adjacent to the toilet roll dispenser. The seat sanitizer also has a pleasant perfume. When sprayed onto the seat for the user in an optimized pattern it immediately sanitizes the seat. Refills can be fitted quickly and easily, and each refill can produce 1000 operations. When combined with Citizen Cleaning’s regular cleaning and washroom hygiene maintenance programs, these innovative dispensing products help to give employees and clients confidence in your workplace facilities whilst minimizing the risk of contamination.