Water Tank Cleaning

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial water systems are supplied water from dedicated water storage tanks through local water supply systems. Contaminated or dirty water is potentially a very severe health hazard, badly maintained water storage tanks are a major contributory factor bacterial growth. All water tanks and the associated pipelines must be regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned and disinfected. Clean water is absolutely vital for endurance of human life, Sediments scale and algae get deposited on the walls, ceiling and floor of the water tank. Checking physically and maintaining water tanks is essential to ensure our health and safety. It is important to keep water storage tanks and supply lines must clean to ensure free of bacteria and virus which is harmful to human life. Scaling and blockages in supply line reduces water flow. Unclean tanks are breeding ground for harmful bacteria like Legionella, Salmonella and E-coli which makes the water unfit for human use and consumption. According to Dubai Municipality guidelines for control Legionella in Water Systems dated 25/06/2010. Water systems have to be kept clean to reduce the nutrients available for bacteria growth.nRegular visual inspections should be made at least every month to avoid the build-up of dirt, organic matter or other debris. All water systems which create a water spray or aerosol and Spa pools must be treated and maintained to minimize the risk of Legionella bacteria contamination. Ideal water storage tanks should be cleaned bi-annually to ensure proper hygiene and water safety. We provide complete cleaning and sanitation of water tanks & Pipeline and once cleaning is completed, we will submit water samples to external labs approved by Dubai Municipality for detailed analysis to ensure that water being delivered meets the safety and hygiene standards and is fit for human use and consumption.